In July 2015, MEGHP Sean P. McBride issued a dispensation for the creation of Admiration Chapter U.D. to meet in the Homer Masonic Temple in Homer, Illinois. 

This new chapter was formed by a group of Royal Arch Masons from the east central Illinois area.   A small group of these members had met several times in early 2015 to begin discussing and planning for a new Chapter.  We simply didn’t want another organization whose meetings consisted of reading the minutes and paying the bills.

We laid out some principles on what we would expect from a Chapter:

·         Brotherly love, relief and truth
·         Quality over Quantity
·         Excellence in our relations with each other
·         Excellence in the exemplification of our degrees
·         Excellence in our service to Freemasonry
·         Education and fellowship

·         Civility – courtesy, consideration and respect

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