Sunday, June 5, 2016

Upcoming Admiration Activities

June 18 - all 4 Royal Arch degrees are going to be put on in Bement Chapter No. 65.  If you still need to complete your Royal Arch degrees, this is a great opportunity to do so.  Registration is at 8am and the degree work will begin at 9am.   All Companions are welcome to attend as I am sure Bement can use some help in the degree work.

June 30 - next Admiration Chapter meeting at 7pm.  Short business meeting and then Companion Glenn Overby will give a talk entitled Poetic Craftsmen.  All are welcome to attend.

July 14-16 - Grand Sessions in Normal.

September 29 - Admiration Chapter Meeting

November 19 - Admiration Chapter will be hosting a Leadership Conference & Town Hall Meeting for the Grand Chapter. Mark your calendars!

December 29 - Admiration Chapter Meeting

New Admiration Chapter Member Fees - we are now in process of establishing a bank account.  Becoming a member of Admiration Chapter costs $75 for an initiation fee for new Chapter members (plural members don't have to pay this fee).   If you still need to pay for your degrees, please send a check to me made payable to: 
Admiration Chapter
C/O Greg Knott, Secretary
1377 County Road 2275 E
St. Joseph IL 61873